Relationship: A Huge Distraction | Ep. 2.1

This relationship issue is getting interesting. Hope you remembered that yours truly embarked on a journey to Kaduna for the first time to go visit Tony, without his knowledge or that of my parents.


Relationship: A Huge Distraction | Ep. 2.0

This relationship issue is about to get interesting. The following day Tony came to my Grandparents’ house to look for me. like I said earlier, I had traveled to stay with uncle Richard the reason I was at my mum’s.

Growing up in an average Nigerian home

Growing up in an average Nigerian home | Ep. 1

Growing up in an average Nigerian home , having a sole dream to go to school, come out a good grade, and be the best of my dream profession to the highest level of it all was a target and my biggest dream.



Hmmm, Marriage! what lead to the change of mind? Could it be love or just a different kind of decision? If you are just joining



Much Ado About Messi

He (Messi) started off as a teenage sensation, a winger in Barcelona youth team and a striker leading Argentina youth team to victory in 2005

Current Affairs



Turn on the news, pick up the papers, listen to radios, browse on your computers and to all intents and purposes, this has been for billions of people all over the world, the year of the abnormal.


The Kankara Debacle

There are so many takeaways from the debacle we all witnessed last week at kankara in Katsina state of Nigeria. …”ONE nation bound in freedom,


Do these Lecturers Know Enough?

It was in my 4th year in the university, the year was 2009 and I was probably rounding off the necessary documentations with my department officials

Love Spices

bitter sugar

Bitter Sugar

Yearning Craving Burning Longing…. Those were the effects my room-mate’ conversations with her Fiance had on me while they courted in our final year. Yes,


Flames of Love

Is there anything more complicated, more confusing, and more agonizingly delightful than love? Oh, the one time I was discharged from the hospital and didn’t want to go home!

fierce spice

Fierce Spice

I’m in that place where scenarios are playing non-stop in my head. That of Greg stuck! A tightening of his grip on my arm, my



When God Says “WAIT”

WHEN GOD SAYS “WAIT”. So I asked God to use me…. To bless me and make me a blessing… He asked if I was willing,

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