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What Is Short Code Texting?

Businesses use SMS messaging, one of the oldest and most popular methods of texting, to communicate with customers and market their products and services. Short

How to Create a Sales Cadence

Success in sales begins with planning. This includes crafting a sales strategy, formulating a sales process, and writing a sales proposal. How a sales team

The Benefits of Employee Job Rotation

The practice of job rotation in the workplace is a popular way to allocate staffing where it is needed most. Additionally, this cycles employees through

What Are Email Open Rates?

Owning a small business takes courage. You take chances, you put yourself out there, and you risk failure pretty much every day. This is true,

6 Best Email Marketing Templates

Templates are a useful tool that many email marketing software providers usually include with their subscription plans. Templates allow you to quickly format an email

8 Ways to Improve Email Deliverability

Effective email campaigns can have a real impact on companies of all types, but only if the communications make it to a subscriber’s inbox. There’s

CRM Metrics You Should Know

Sometimes, it can be challenging to get the most out of a solution you’ve purchased for your business. CRM software allows companies to track overall

Best Reports to Run in Your CRM System

CRM reporting is essential to any small business with a sales or marketing team as it allows companies to centralize data about interactions with leads

What to Know About AD&D Insurance

There are some employee benefits you hope your employees are able to take full advantage and others you hope are never needed. Accidental death and

What to Include in an Employee Contract

Although the majority of employees in the U.S. work under at-will agreements, some employers choose to have their employees work under legally binding employment contracts.

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