I Became a Lawyer at Age 6


I became a lawyer at the age of six! Unbelievable? Well, that is just it! So I had this elderly cousin who claimed to be preparing for JAMB exam. He was always reading the dictionary, big books and all! I often asked him what all the reading was for.


So, preparing for JAMB by reading big books appealed to me. He said he wants to study law. And if reading big books makes one a lawyer, I had found my calling! Then, lawyer I must be! Hence, I became a lawyer at six but called to the bar at 24!

Enroute being called to the bar, so much transpired that further convinced me and cemented my passion for law. I recall how my siblings cheated me. The rebel leader was my younger sister. My Dad had bought banana for the kids. Four of us.

The eldest had been shipped off to the burden or boarding house, which ever way you saw it. For that my Brother, it was not really a boarding house, it was a burden house. That guy suffered. So back at home, this younger sister of mine organized the two others to cheat me. That banana my father bought for me, she lied! She told me it was for all of us.

I gladly shared mine with all of them. I only discovered thereafter that the same quantity of banana I shared with these three other cheats was the exact quantity each of them got! Imagine that! I hated injustice even more!


That day, I became a Judge! A warrior for justice! But I would wait for another 20 years or thereabouts to be appointed a Magistrate! Practicing from Jos down to the east.

The Jos practice was particularly very eventful. I woke up to discover that once called to the bar, you are practically on your own! And there is nothing wrong with that.

So, I have practiced law as a private practitioner, as a state employee and now as a Magistrate. 16 years of post call to bar experience.


Only that the responsibility of freedom far outweighs the demands of submission, subjection or servitude, call it what you want. And with that liberty, I quickly revived the aspect of life I enjoyed back in the university.

Politics. I was the LAW STUDENTS ASSOCIATION President in my undergraduate days. With the strategic partnership with fellow political juggernauts, we returned my boss as the first unopposed NBA president of the beautiful Jos Bar.

Within the same period, we wrote the first proposal for the NBA YOUNG LAWYERS FORUM at the national level. We already started one and named it accordingly in the Jos Bar. I was the pioneer Secretary. Another interesting young lawyer named Armstrong was the chairman. The Olisa Agbakoba led NBA appointed I and others into the first Young Lawyers Forum Council. But all that became history on my appointment into the MAGISTRACY about ten years ago.

And have I seen something in this practice of law? ALOT! Currently heading the PROBATE REGISTRY of the Judiciary, I am seeing even much more!
In this voyage with you, we shall recount some of these experiences. Some funny. Some sad. Some just there. But we shall learn. You need to learn the law. Trust me.


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