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The orange theory reddit group has become a place to discuss the workouts, the results, and get help from fellow OTFers. They are operated and moderated by community members, and we are not affiliated with the Orange theory Fitness company.

Orange Theory reddit group members share their struggles. One member said,

I haven’t been to OTF in about a week because work and life and school and just an insane schedule. Went back today and of course marathon month has started and ya girl is chunky so this isn’t my favorite month. I drank a wee bit of wine for Easter yesterday and I was like “GIRL get it together- you have the day off you need to go to OTF.” Well I dragged my feet all the way there but I made.

Started on the rower (which holy crap today pushed me) and I’m sandwiched between 2 women that are going about the same pace. It totally motivated me to keep up but with an empty stomach and yesterday’s wine still sloshing around in my brainium I definitely wanted to hurl. Then we get to the weight floor and in my brain I’m like “cool cool cool- weight floor, more like break floor am I right?!”

Well that was a hilarious thought process. I again didn’t want to look like a weak a** bi*** so I toughened up and went a couple pounds heavier on my sets. I could BARELY get the 7th and 8th reps up but hey- I did it! So I’m thinking “heck yeah!! I’m a strong warrior goddess too! get it!” – then we get to the Treads. Well there was just no competing there so I stayed in my lane. Ended the work out and I’m feeling like a complete champion for getting through it..I run a couple of errands and walk up to my house.

Pulled the keys out of my pocket to unlock the door and like an embarrassing moment that slaps you in the face in the middle of the night I quickly realize—I can barely lift my arms. It has only been 1 hour since the work out has ended. Pray for me- tomorrow I’m going to be full on fish mode. These jelly arms are going to be useless for days.

Another Orange Theory Reddit member shared with the group, and this is what she had to say,

Today I took the 90 min class at my local studio. Starting on the treads, I pushed myself hard and maxed out the treadmill (12mph) for the first time ever on a 30 second all out. Moving to the rowers, I kept the momentum and ended up with a watts PR (315) on our last 30 second all out.

Usually, I react to this sort of accomplishment with a little bit of swagger and pride. This time, tears swelled up in my eyes. I don’t think anyone even noticed, but I easily could’ve let myself just CRY if I wouldn’t have been in such a public place. Has anyone else ever been hit by a wave of emotions like this after a particularly intense workout??

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Orange Theory Reddit April Highlights

This is your monthly highlights post, curated and refreshed to keep important stuff at the top. If you are new to OTF or our subreddit, this is the best place to start. As always, you can use this thread to share and discuss upcoming intel for the month, tornado templates, and other random topics.

Lots of ground to cover with this month’s post, so let’s get right to it. Key Dates for The Month

  • April is “Marathon Month”: Track your in-class treadmill mileage over the course of the month and try to hit the equivalent of a half marathon, full marathon, or ultra marathon by month’s end. Check with your studio regarding rules, how to track, swag, and cost to participate.
  • April 6: “The Nonstop”: a special 24 hour class in select studios. Check with your studio whether they intend to run this class and the cost to participate.
  • April 7: “Walking Celebration”: a celebration of all things walking: planks, bears, and recoveries.
  • April 8: “Now That’s What I Call Frogger” – a new signature workout exclusive to outdoor classes that consists of two blocks. In block 1, you start on one side of a busy highway and the goal is to sumo-jump-squat your way to the other side. In block 2, you will need to cross a river by hopping between logs, turtles, and alligators (mind the jaws!). Record your total time if you get to the other side.
  • April 9: “Tempo Triplet”: 3 exercises, 3 reps, 3 seconds each, slow and steady.
  • April 11: “The 5×5”: on the floor, expect to see 5 sets of 5 different kinds of burpees.
  • April 14: “Crew Row”: partner workout with up to 9 members rowing together on a single rower.
  • April 17: “National Haiku Poetry Day Workout”: floor blocks of five reps / followed by seven more reps / followed by five reps.
  • April 20: “Squat Celebration”: same as the “Walking Celebration” workout, but with squats.
  • April 27: “Everest Prep Workout”: lots of inclines. Not sure what “Orange Everest” is? Check our wiki.
  • April 30: “Strong & Stable”: a maintenance day for ensuring the treads and rowers remain in tiptop shape. This will be a floor-only workout.

The community calendar has been updated to include these events. Remember that our community calendar depends on your contributions. If you are aware of any other upcoming events for the month, please submit intel using our form.Announcement: No More Early Intel 😢

Many of our US-based members provided feedback that the consistent presence of early intel on the sub is taking away all the excitement of walking into an early morning class not knowing what to expect. Worry not dear friends: we hear you loud and clear!

While we are grateful for all the amazing members that provided early intel to this community over the years, these posts will no longer be allowed.Announcement: Join The Growing OTF Discord Community

What’s that? You want to chat with your fellow OTFers but Reddit Chat sucks harder than a Dyson? We invite you to join a rapidly growing OTF community on Discord. The community is not affiliated with this subreddit (but it is still awesome) and makes its own decisions about content and moderation. Since it is a speakeasy Discord, you have to know where the door is to get in, but you can message u/robiskc for a hint.Reminder: Minimum Karma Required To Participate in This Subreddit

To help us combat recent spamming and trolling, we have implemented a minimum karma requirement for participating in this community. This threshold is used to screen both posts and comments, and while we are not going to disclose the exact number, we want to assure you that it is set low enough that it would not prevent you from participating if you are new to the sub, or if you’ve earned a bunch of downvotes for a comment. If your post or comment is removed for low karma, you will get a message from SplatBot informing you of the removal, and you can reply to that message if you wish to appeal the decision.Reminder: Moderation Transparency Reports

At the beginning of each month, we will be posting an automated moderation transparency report summarizing the actions taken by the moderators during the previous month. This report includes the number of posts and comments removed from the sub along with removal reasons. We may add additional information to this report based on community feedback and information availability from Reddit.Resources for New Members and Everyone Else

  • Our Wiki includes FAQs, a glossary of key terms and links to many special events and signature workouts. Many questions can be answered here! Really.
  • Review the Community Rules before posting any new topics.
  • Review the Moderation Primer. It includes important information about our moderation practices, as well as tips to make you a better contributor to the sub.
  • Need to contact the moderators? Send us Modmail.

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