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Thank you for all the amazing contributions you have made to the business.com community. By sharing your personal experiences, advice, and original content, you have played a huge part in helping small business leaders around the world improve their companies and teams, and for that, we are extremely grateful! We have recently announced the exciting news that we are moving the business.com community to a Facebook group.

We’re doing this for two reasons. First, Facebook Groups has created excellent group discussion and moderation features that will support the continued popularity and growth of the business.com community. Second, this move allows us to reposition our community (and its members) as a leading resource for entrepreneurs and business professionals by creating a more focused network that better aligns with our audience.

How will this change how I use the business.com community?

Our reimagined community will allow for a better experience in the following ways:

  • You can now follow and add business professionals directly to your existing social network.
  • With the business.com Facebook community, you can personalize your group activity notification settings.
  • You can share interesting event invites and resources directly with the group.
  • You’re able to find and connect with like-minded business professionals.
  • You can customize how you ask questions of business.com community members.

What will happen to my business.com profile?

Starting April 1, we will begin removing access to your profile, messages and any Q&A threads you have participated in. We highly recommend logging in before then to ensure you have retrieved any important information or contacts you may want to save. You can log in to your profile via this link.

Where can I find the business.com Facebook group?

You can join the business.com Facebook group here. Please invite your business connections who may not have been part of the community before this transition – the more the merrier!

When will you stop accepting new contributor applications and content submissions?

As of early February 2021, we paused the review of any new contributor program applications. Additionally, any contributor content that is pending editorial review will not be published. You are welcome to retrieve your pending submissions through your dashboard and publish them elsewhere.

How long will the content I’ve posted on business.com stay on the site?

Within the next couple of months, we will scale down a large portion of contributor content. If you were a contributor with us, we highly recommend that you use this grace period to retrieve previously published content. You can find your articles by visiting your profile page or your contributor dashboard. Once this content is no longer living on our site, you are welcome to publish it elsewhere.

We are excited about this change and are looking forward to this new (and improved) phase of the business.com community!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our support team at social@business.com.

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